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Dreambuilder Nightmare

4 years later and still sad and disappointed.

A short entry- It has been over 4 years since this problem reared it's ugly head.  Still no resolution and the lawyers sucked us dry. With the added building costs from having to switch builders, the extra interest payments, two mortgages, and expenses during delay, it looks like it settled out to around $60,000 damage to our family and plans for our children's future. Not much hope left, plenty of regrets and forgiveness is not appearing on the horizon. I'm wondering if we need to sell the house to rid our lives of the damage Aaron did to us.  Really wish we had remained ignorant of Aaron Magula's existence. 

The Dwellings?? OMG

Aaron Magula aka Dream Builders, has a "development" going now.  The Dwellings on Melissa St in South Richland.  Our advice?  We have no clue what price point Magula is shooting for, but no matter how "reasonable", think long and hard about the quality issues. We are far from the only people who have had quality and cost problems with Magula over the last few years-- two where we have actually heard from the new (unhappy) owners, and more that came in the form of hearsay from sources that seem pretty reliable.

2012 Tri City Parade of Homes

Thanks for reading!!! We're up to almost 900 hits a month now! Most are local, but a few are far flung. (A big "Howdy-Hi" to the folks in New Zealand). 125 blog views from Richland/Pasco/Kennewick this weekend alone. Hope this is helping some of you with your custom home building decisions and plans!

Well- today was the start of the Parade of Homes in the Tricities. That's an event  where local builders pay a chunk of change to enter one of their houses and people pay for tickets to visit them.

Some progess-- finally working on the house again!!!

I REALLY need to update this blog.  I did add some documents to the "Documents" section so you can see the progression of the process of dealing with our concerns. Here's a bit more:

Progress has been SLOW, but now we do have at least some progress.  The floor is fixed and the new builder is finishing up the house! We may not be able to afford to live in it anymore, but at least it will be finished! 

Magula did end up paying about 3/4 of the about $20,000 plus that it took to fix the  floor.

Another expert evaluation of the floor.

OK- our last post still has the bulk of the useful information, but here's an update.  Preparing for arbitration we had another concrete expert assess the floor.  This expert's resume was IMPRESSIVE.  He has done quite a bit of expert witness work for way bigger cases than ours and I think he was just being nice taking our case. He is indeed very helpful. Anyway, the gist of what he provided was pretty much the same as all the other contractors we've had look at it.  The floor is messed up.

Avoiding having your Dream Builder turn into a Nightmare Builder.

OK-  starting out:  We decided to build a custom house. Started out as a joyful, exciting thing.  Didn't end up that way.  The builder we went with was Aaron Magula of Dream Builders LLC in Richland Washington. Dream Buster would be a better name judging from our experience. OK -- Enough said on that for now- the whole story is below if you're interested.

On the positive side:  We decided that with this site and blog we're going to try to do something positive with our negative experience.

The background

This is the story of our experience building a custom home in Richland Washington with Aaron Magula and Dream Builders Homes LLC.  It's a tragedy.
We're hoping this story will save anyone considering using Aaron Magula as a builder from the pain and disappointment we experienced.

Dream Builder?  More like Dream Buster for us.

Get the tissues out and read on!  Well, read on when I've finished building this site and have something for you to read. If it's urgent, feel free to contact us through the contacts page.
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4 years later and still sad and disappointed.
The Dwellings?? OMG
2012 Tri City Parade of Homes
Some progess-- finally working on the house again!!!
Another expert evaluation of the floor.


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