Dreambuilder-Nightmare.com - Our Nightmare Experience with Dream Builders Homes Richland WA

Welcome to our website!

This is the story of our experience building a custom home in Richland Washington with Aaron Magula and Dream Builders Homes LLC. 
                                               It's a tragedy.
We're hoping what we learned from our experience will help some of you avoid the problems we faced (and are still facing after four years of signing with Magula). In this site, we will try to cover things that are useful for anyone considering building a custom home anywhere.  Check out "Our Blog" for what we have learned.  (The bulk of the story and advice are in the "Avoid..." blog entry. Be sure to hit "more" to see the whole thing).

That said- We would also like to encourage anyone who is considering using Dream Builders LLC of Richland WA and Aaron Magula as a builder to look elsewhere -- you don't want to risk the pain and disappointment we experienced.  And we're not the only ones he's disappointed.

Dream Builder?  More like Dream Buster for us.

On a brighter note- We were rescued by George Booth of Booth and Sons Construction. Once the floor was repaired, George stepped in and did a totally outstanding job of finishing the job Aaron Magula walked away from.  Go with Booth and Sons if you want quality and integrity. Incredible attention to detail and great to work with.

As far as our problems with Dream Builders--- Get the tissues out and read on! 
  • Check out the pictures in "Slideshow" to see our particular problem- Pictures are worth a thousand words.
  • Look in "Our Blog" for The Good Stuff on what we learned and advice on how you might be able to avoid the same problems. (hit "more" to see the whole thing)
  • Be sure and write with any advice, ideas or suggestions that might help other folks considering a custom build. Let us know if you want to share your thoughts- we only post advice with your permission.

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